Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Napa Valley Mustard Bloom Festival

Napa Valley Mustard Festival
Every year the fields in Napa Valley and Northern California Wine Country a bathed in yellow. Myth has it that the origin of the mustard blooming in abundance in California is from the Mission Era in California. Each Mission is in theory a days walk apart. The missionaries, or so its told, sprinkled mustard seeds along their path so that after winter, when the spring grass and foliage grew and covered the trail, a swath of yellow would be the guide. There is an intensity of the bloom along certain sections of the Highway 1 and Highway 101 in the spring that would have been the same as the Mission Trail. The historical marker for the Mission Trail, the bell, can be seen on the side of the highway. Mustard is a part of California history, and its very fitting to find it blooming in the heart of food, wine and epicurean culture.

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